Bruce Arians, workaholism, and why we reject “the hustle”

NFL coaches are known for their over-the-top workaholism.  The accepted wisdom is, to make it in the NFL, you have to sleep in your office and live, sleep and breathe NFL football.  Legends like Vince Lombardi and Bill Belachick and countless others made it a mantra that if you want to succeed, you must work, […]

Software Project Pain: The Black Hole

Software development can be painful.  We have experienced that pain and setup our agency to avoid common causes of project pain.  In the series we are laying out common reasons why developing software as an entrepreneur or small business can seem like torture, and what we do to make that pain go away. I’ve already […]

The secret power of ugly sketches

The Secret Powers Of Ugly Sketches  At, we are big believers in the power of low-fi, hand-drawn wireframes and UX sketches.  As part of our discovery sprints, we work through what needs to be build, who it needs to be built for, and what it needs to do. Then we start making ugly sketches.   If we […]

The Martian (and our Company’s Wild Launch)

There is a scene in the The Martian movie that I’ve thought a lot about lately.  Matt Damon’s character is stranded on Mars for years and his only hope of ever returning to earth (and surviving) is to strip a rover down of just about everything (including the steering mechanism), strap himself in, and let […]

Tips on Building A Remote Team

At Buildonline, our dev team is 100% remote, with developers in the United States, a team and office in Uruguay and one lone rockstar in Romania. We love remote teams, but we’ve also experienced the dark side.  I’ve personally lost thousands of dollars and precious time by hiring the wrong remote developers. Here are my […]

Build Cycles

We here at buildonline believe in the power of systems and processes to build great software.  Through study and experience, we’ve developed our own workflow that we use on all of our projects. This workflow enables us to build fast, build right, and most importantly build the right things.   Build Cycles Our workflow is […]

Software Project Pain: The Crawl

Software development can be painful. We’ve experienced the pain. In this series, we are writing about the four most common types of software pain we’ve experienced or seen other people experience and how we try to fix them. Type 1: The Bonfire Type 2: The Crawl Development drags on forever with little progress. Unfortunately, sometimes […]

Software Project Pain: The Bonfire

Introduction The first time I tried to build a software company, it literally put me into the hospital. If you had asked me during that first year for advice about starting a project, I would have instructed you to take out a piece of paper and a pencil, then stab yourself repeatedly with the pencil […]