We are a team of developers, designers, and strategic thinkers that will work alongside your business to help you create amazing software.

What we do

Product Design

We work alongside your business to help you design your app and get a prototype in front of real end users. Then we help you break the design into tasks that any development team can execute and give you an idea of how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Web Development

We create powerful web based applications and APIs. We make sure these apps are well tested and stable and iterate on your ideas. We use well established web frameworks like Lavarel and Vue.js to make sure your app is solid and extensible.

Mobile and Desktop Development

We can create apps for iOS and Android as well as desktop applications (Mac and Windows). As much as possible, we utilize web technology for this (Electron, Nativescript, Ionic) to ensure that one codebase can work across platforms.

From Idea to MVP in Three Months

Discovery & Ideation

We kick off each project by flying to wear you are for an intensive one day meeting of planning and ideation. Then take what we've learned and map out the project, build a flow map and set a visual direction.

Design & Prototype

With a plan in hand and a visual direction set, we set our visual designers free to create a screen by screen prototype of the app. With a click through prototype, you can begin getting user feedback right away.

Develop & Test

The longest phase of the process, our development teams prioritize the design into a list of features and commit to having features finished and ready for client review every week until the product is ready to launch.

Release & Feedback

Whenever the client is ready, we release the app into the wild and standby for user feedback and fixes. Whenever the client is ready, we go back to phase one and gear up for the next version.

Our Tools


Our backend framework of choice.  Laravel helps us quickly create the APIs and forms that serve as the backbone for all of our applications.


Vue is a front-end Javascript framework that is both powerful and approachable.  We use Vue to create beautiful and useful UIs.


Electron allows us to turn our web apps into powerful desktop applications that can run on Mac, Windows and Linux.


Ionic empowers us to create iOS and Android apps using the same languages and tools we use for the web.

Who we are

Ryan Hayden


Luke Miller

Project Admin

Dan Bzrovski

Front End Dev

Lucian Brodoceanu

Full Stack Dev

Martin Bzurovski

Full Stack Dev

Juan Vargas

Full Stack Dev

Diego Rychtenberg


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